Boost Your Business using Missed Call Service!!!


Missed Call alerts are one of the most widely used features. A missed call service helps the company to reply to its customers missed calls in a quick and efficient manner. Missed call marketing helps the customers to get connected to the company just by giving a missed call on the number provided by the marketing team. With missed call alerts activated on your account, you're notified of missed calls via email as well as on your smartphone app in real time.

How does a missed call service work?

•    The missed call alert will contain the caller’s number, time and date of the call and the number the caller dialled.

•    To turn on missed call alerts on the number you want missed calls to be added, then scroll to the Missed Call Alerts section.

•    Auto confirmation SMS is sent to the caller thanking him for calling and informing him that his number has been registered.

•    Caller’s number is stored in the database.

•    You will never miss a call again and capture all the information you might need on the call.

•    Details of the caller and the contact information along with any information we capture are then sent to you via our app and email.

How does missed call service are used in your business?

•    Opt-in/out process

•    Easy updates

•    Voting

•    COD confirmation

•    Customer feedback

•    lead generation

•    call back services